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The following items have been collected by Daniel E. Thornton, Soldotna, Alaska.
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Samuel Watson Thornton (b. 1818)

Samuel Watson Thornton, D. D. (b. 1841)

Jesse Blackburn Thornton (b. 1875)

Samuel Watson Thornton (b. 1903)

Mary Scott Gash (b. 1908)


Samuel Watson Thornton (b. 1818)

  • "Lines written on the Death of Mrs. Mary A. Thornton" wife of SW Thornton (b. 1818) in 1845, by her attending physician, the Rev. Dr. Stone.
  • Saddlebag Bible and Hymnbook belonging to SW Thornton (b. 1818). Inscribed with: "My father’s Bible, carried by him on Findlay circuit, 1840-41."
  • Two handmade log books belonging to SW Thornton (b. 1818) listing messages preached during two and one-half year ministry.

Samuel Watson Thornton, D. D. (b. 1841)

  • Diary of SW Thornton , D. D. (b. 1841) for year 1860
  • Diary of SW Thornton , D. D. (b. 1841) for year 1861
  • Copy of "Autobiography of Rev. Samuel W. Thornton, D. D." with inscription , "written by my father in Joliet, Ill. In 1903 – the original book being in the possession of my brother Harry Thornton of Lafayette, Indiana. Of the original I have made an exact copy on pages 1 to 123, continuing the family history on the succeeding pages – as I am able to trace it. Earle Clark Thornton"
  • Book of Personal Notes and Messages of SW Thornton, D. D. (b. 1841)
  • Letter to SW Thornton (b. 1841) while at New Mexico mission
  • Sarah (Sallie) Jackson’s Bible (1854). She was second wife of SW Thornton, D. D. (b. 1841).
  • Communion Service notes SW Thornton ,D. D. (b. 1841)
  • Military Shoulder Stripes belonging to SW Thornton (b. 1841)
  • Statement of debts of SW Thornton (b. 1841), with plea for extended time to pay,
  • Teaching Licenses for SW Thornton (b. 1841)
  1. 1858, April 6 – Wood County, Bowling Green, Ohio
  2. 1858, September 21
  3. 1860, October – Howard County, Kokomo, Indiana
  4. 1861, November – West Mill Grove, Ohio
  5. 1862 – Howard County, Indiana (for one year)
  6. 1863, November 7 – Howard County, Indiana (for 18 months)
  7. 1866, September – Holt County
  8. 1867, September – Oregon, Missouri
  9. 1868 – Holt County, Oregon, Missouri
  • Certificate of Admission into Independent Order of Odd Fellows for SW Thornton (b. 1841) dated February 14, 1877
  • Roster of Officers and Members of G. G. Meade Post, No. 47, Denver Colorado, 1892, listing SW Thornton (b. 1841)
  • Obituary for Sarah Ann Thornton
  • Death notice in paper for Merrill J. Thornton (December 4, 1879: age 5 months and 27 days)
  • Death notice and related notices for Gracie K. Thornton (February 11, 1872: age 1 year, 10 months and 15 days)
  • Miscellaneous receipts, newspaper notices and letters.

Jesse Blackburn Thornton (b. 1875)

  • Record book of JB Thornton sermons preached between 1920 and 1926 in conventions
  • Transcripts of JB Thornton messages delivered at Swanwich England for the Japan Evangelistic Band Convention
  • Pamphlet describing the Japan Evangelistic Band’s "Self Help Bible School in Japan" and JB Thornton’s involvement
  • Bible belonging to JB Thornton, dated September 22, 1904
  • Tape of "Thornton stories from Years Past" recorded at 1996 reunion
  • Bible belonging to JB Thornton, given to him by his wife on August 6, 1940
  • Picture of JB Thornton with wife Eliza and 5 children
  • Offering envelope with 1 mill offering enclosed. JB Thornton accepted whatever came in envelopes as his salary.

Samuel Watson Thornton (b. 1903)

  • Three Passports for Samuel Watson Thornton (b. 1903) dated:
                    Jan.14, 1930; 
                    October 14, 1947; 
                    January 21, 1975.
  • Japanese ID card for SW Thornton (b. 1903)
  • Selective Service Registration Certificate for SW Thornton (b. 1903) dated 2/16/1942
  • Selective Service Notice of Classification for SW Thornton (b. 1903) dated 5/3/1943
  • Death Certificate for S. Watson Thornton (b. 1903)
  • Ordination Certificate for S. Watson Thornton (b. 1903)
  • Birth Certificate for S. Watson Thornton (b. 1903)
  • Shurtleff College Official Transcript for SW Thornton (b. 1903) for years 1921-1928
  • Southern Illinois University Transcript for S. W. Thornton (b. 1903) for years 1957-1968
  • Obituary for SW Thornton (b. 1903)
  • Bible belonging to SW Thornton (b. 1903), given to him on Oct 18, 1978 by friends in Carbondale, Illinois

Mary Scott Gash (b. 1908)

  • Notebook of Mary Thornton (b. 1908), dated "Japan 1911" including notes on various subjects and some pianologues


  • Descendant and Ancestor Charts made by Watson (b. 1903) and Mary Thornton, December 15, 1978
  • Application for Membership in the Society of Sons of the Revolution in the State of Illinois, for Earle Thornton, descendant of Samuel Watson Thornton, D. D. including military records for James Thornton (d. 1834)
  • "Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone" a sacred cantata by David Thornton
  • "Memories from TADMOR 1969" family reunion picture book
  • Thornton Family Album 1991, reunion picture book and family information
  • Copy of "The Thornton Family Moves to Cass County" by Mary Higgins Proffitt, published in the Indiana History Bulletin, October 1968.
  • Newspaper article "St. Louis Sailor’s Eastertide Cantata to be Presented" from St. Louis Globe, March 24, 1945 describing David W. Thornton’s cantata "My Heart is Glad"

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